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Brigid Haze is a brash intellect, an unwilling trendsetter, and a kitsune. Attending her third boarding school in a year, she’s hoping to make up some lost credit and for a change avoid trouble. Her lone ally is a teacher named Gil Gershwin, but when he discovers that she’s been leaving campus not with her father but her father’s friend, he sounds the alarm. When the smoke clears, a fancy car is wrapped around a tree, a sketchy “boyfriend” is dead, and Brigid Haze has disappeared.

The Peculiar Grace of a Shaker Chair

                ...a teacher dreams of summer

The Mountainside School is a ragged little stump in the woods, a lonely child with three minivans, an asthmatic yellow bus, a grimy cafeteria and a collection of dorms that can only be described as fixer-uppers.


Jeff Green—Greenie to friends and students—has been teaching there for eight years, but when he becomes the reluctant interim head of the English Department, his life is complicated by unwanted responsibilities and rivals who will stop at nothing to usurp his throne. 




Praise for The Peculiar Grace of a Shaker Chair

Ruderman's novel gives readers a peek at the day-to-day conflicts teachers and their school administrators face. His sharp and witty prose and use of magical realism makes the novel a very entertaining read. -DIgital Journal

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