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The Peculiar Grace of a Shaker Chair
a teacher dreams of summer


Inspired by two decades of teaching, this first-person narrative takes a comic look at the politics of a small boarding school, the follies of courtship and, of course, the parallel lives of students, teachers and Shaker ghosts. 

Grave Men


Brigid Haze, the clever girl in flannel that everyone is talking about; Gilbert Gershwin, the smitten teacher who tries to help her, and Jay Babineaux, who doesn’t care about much of anything until he tows a twisted Jaguar back to the yard and finds a dead girl’s ID.




Young Malcolm Coltrane heads off to New York to find truth and preserve history at a newsphoto archive.  But while trying to placate an overly suspicious seventy-five-year old roommate, a gung-ho boss on a mission and a nocturnal girlfriend, Malcolm stumbles upon a mystery involving doctored photograph, a secret society of elderly Jewish men and a dying uncle who wants to lead him to him into his family’s chaotic past.


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